Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Super Conferences. The SEC and Big Atlantic

Now it is time for the second part of my two part series on Super Conferences. Here is the SEC.
South Carolina---Alabama
Kentucky--------Mississippi St
Vanderbilt------Ole Miss
Louisville-------Texas A&M

I added Louisville, Clemson, Missouri, and despite Baylor's best efforts- Texas A&M. A&M and Mizzou make the conference even better in football and will eventually cause the breakup of the SEC west. Louisville is a basketball powerhouse who will be a good rival for Kentucky and Clemson, a school with rich football tradition gives South Carolina an in state rival.

Big Atlantic Coast
Boston College----Duke
Connecticut-------Georgia Tech
Maryland----------Florida St
Pittsburgh--------South Florida
West Virginia-----NC St
Virginia----------Wake Forest
Virginia Tech-----TCU

As you might have noticed this conference has the 18 remaining members of the ACC and the Big East, simply because I couldn't just throw any of these teams into Conference USA. Look for cool rivalries such as BC-UConn, West Virginia-Virginia Tech, and Miami-Florida St-USF to form/reform.
This is the conclusion of my Super Conference articles. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I liked writing them. Some notable independents in this system are Notre Dame, Texas, BYU, and Boise St. I really hope this doesn't happen but I think in 5 years we will have the Pac whatever, B16, SEC, and BAC.

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