Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Super Conferences. The SEC and Big Atlantic

Now it is time for the second part of my two part series on Super Conferences. Here is the SEC.
South Carolina---Alabama
Kentucky--------Mississippi St
Vanderbilt------Ole Miss
Louisville-------Texas A&M

I added Louisville, Clemson, Missouri, and despite Baylor's best efforts- Texas A&M. A&M and Mizzou make the conference even better in football and will eventually cause the breakup of the SEC west. Louisville is a basketball powerhouse who will be a good rival for Kentucky and Clemson, a school with rich football tradition gives South Carolina an in state rival.

Big Atlantic Coast
Boston College----Duke
Connecticut-------Georgia Tech
Maryland----------Florida St
Pittsburgh--------South Florida
West Virginia-----NC St
Virginia----------Wake Forest
Virginia Tech-----TCU

As you might have noticed this conference has the 18 remaining members of the ACC and the Big East, simply because I couldn't just throw any of these teams into Conference USA. Look for cool rivalries such as BC-UConn, West Virginia-Virginia Tech, and Miami-Florida St-USF to form/reform.
This is the conclusion of my Super Conference articles. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I liked writing them. Some notable independents in this system are Notre Dame, Texas, BYU, and Boise St. I really hope this doesn't happen but I think in 5 years we will have the Pac whatever, B16, SEC, and BAC.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quidditch Season

As all the college kids hop on the Hogwarts Express, back to their schools, they start quidditch practice after a long summer on Privet Drive.
For those of you that don't know what how muggle quidditch is played I will explain. 3 players on each team try to get the quaffle (volleyball) past the other teams keeper and through the hoops for 10 Points. (the hula hoops are about 7 feet off the ground) Also there are 2 Beaters on each team who try and hit the opposing team with Blugders. (jelly balls) If you get hit by a Blugder who have to drop whatever your holding and retreat to your own goals. Last but not least there is one seeker per team. Their job is to catch the snitch runner. ( The snitch is a person who has a sock in their back pocket) If either seeker catches the snitch (sock) their team is awarded 30 points and the game is over.
Here are some tournaments that if you are close to, I would suggest dropping by.
The Turtle Cup. University of Maryland. October 2nd.
Midwest Regionals. Fishers, Indiana: Connor Prairie. October 8&9th
Cup of Brotherly Love. Chestnut Hill College. October 15th
IQA Classic. Middlebury College. October 16th
Canadian Regional Cup. Carleton University. October 29th.
THE FIFTH ANNUAL QUIddITCH WORLd CUp. Randalls Island, New York, New York. November 12&13th

Quidditch is fun sport to watch and I will definitely be attending 2 of these events. The World Cup is especially fantastic with over 100 teams. The fourth quidditch world cup was one of the highlight of my fall last year. For more information go to internationalquidditch.org

Friday, September 9, 2011

Super Conferences~Pac whatever and B16 10

Since Texas A&M has notified the Big 12 about their desire to leave the conference, the Super Conference chatter has resumed. Now would Super Conferences be good for football? Probably not. Everything that happens because of greed and for money normally doesn't work out. The biggest issue for me is the possibility that some great rivalries would be lost. I've heard people say that if Oklahoma goes to the Pac whatever and Texas goes independent, the Red River Rivalry would be lost.
The only positive thing about Super Conferences in my view is that it could help pave the road towards a playoff. Here are my Super Conferences...
Pacific 16
UCLA--------------------Arizona St
Oregon St---------------Oklahoma St
Washington--------------Texas Tech
Washington St-----------Baylor

I have added 4 Big 12 schools but not Texas. That is because I believe that the Pac whatever will not except Texas unless the share Longhorn Network with the other Pac whatever schools. Texas is not good at sharing...they will go independent.
After the no brainer of putting the Oklahomas in this conference, I also added Texas Tech. Geographically Lubbock is in West Texas and the type of play fits in with the West Coast teams. Their defense is simply not good enough to be in the SEC. Baylor, a team that I believe would have a much better record if they weren't in the Big 12 South, is also invited after a successful 2011.
The original Pac 8 is make up the Coastal Division and the expansion teams make up the Mountain.

B16 10
Rutgers-----------Michigan St
Penn St-----------Wisconsin
Ohio St-----------Minnesota
Purdue------------Iowa St
Michigan----------Kansas St

I have added Rutgers because the Big 10 has been looking into the NYC market forever and Rutgers would fit in with the Big 10 more than for instance, Syracuse. Iowa St, Kansas, and Kansas St have also been added. They might not improve the Big 10 football wise , but they do in most other sports and they are a wise geographical choice. While the East may seem loaded with good teams, at least it won't be as dominant as the Big 12 south was.


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